Balloon Arch Comparison

Garland Arch


Our most popular arches,

and often times largest,  

are the Spiral or 

Stacked Balloon Arches. 

We use your choice 

of colors and style 

to achieve the look 

you like the most. 

We can incorporate 

smaller Curly Q balloons, 

make the balloons different sizes 

to manipulate the shape, 

and a myriad of other possibilities.

Because we use equipment, 

these decorations can withstand 

most weather conditions. 

This is why these arches 

are so popular for races, 

grand openings, and fundraisers. 

String of Pearl Arch


The String of Pearl Arches 

are great for smaller rooms, 

but can also be multiplied 

to create a fun entrance 

into a large ballroom 

or to separate parts of a large room. 

These are a great substitute 

if your budget doesn't allow 

for a Garland Arch indoors. 

They are also great 

to use over tables, 

providing height and color.  

Using two String of Pearl Arches 

we create a Criss Cross Arch 

which is most often used for 

decoration over dance floors.

Linking Balloon Arches


Instead of touching sides, 

like the String of Pearls arch, 

these balloons touch end to end. 

Some Linking Arches have a 

grouping of smaller balloons 

in between each large balloon, 

like a collar. 

These are also great to 

use for door entryways

or on table tops. 

If you are looking for 

strands of balloons that 

hang down from the ceiling, 

or can go around large poles,

linking balloons do a beautiful job!