Balloon Centerpiece Options

Balloon Bouquets


Balloon Bouquets can be 

as simple as three latex balloons, 

but we hope you'll see 

in our pictures

we can do so much more! 

We can design bouquets 

to include mylar, latex 

and curly Q balloons. 

Typically, we attach them to 

decorative weights 

with coordinating colors 

or attach them to balloon clusters 

which gives the balloon bouquet 

an even more unique look! 

On Stands


Corporate functions, 

Birthdays, any kind of party

 needs balloons! 

If you're looking for 

a little more design 

and flare to your centerpieces 

besides just plain latex 

or mylar on a weight -

you will want to 

check out at these designs.

There are so many possibilities 

when using a small stand. 

It gives balloons a different look 

and is great to use for a front desk, serving table or in the 

middle of dinning tables.  

Big Impact


Clusters or 36" round balloons

can be placed 

just out of eye level, 

while sitting down at a table 

as a centerpiece,

to give a large room more color 

and visual appeal. 

Clouds and clusters 

are a perfect way to 

make a big statement 

in a large room 

with high ceilings.